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Ed or Vera


Welcome to our Field Bred Springer Spaniel Emporium

We have two wonderful litters that are ten weeks old and getting ready to go to their new homes. They have completed all the hurdles required before heading out. The standard veterinary checks with their first shot and their second shots are all done. They are ready to meet their new families. If you are interested in a Springer for your family consider one of these super puppies. They are intelligent with a real willingness to please, they will be easy to train and will retain their lessons very well. They have been raised in our very busy home our grandchildren and more then a couple of friends have been over to visit, us or the pups, I suspect pups more then anything. They are as social a group as you will find anywhere.

Comming out to play.

Three great looking and very happy Black and White puppies puppies were born 14 April 2013 out of Fionavar's Tulla and Fionavar's Sam. Three awesum Liver and White puppies out of Daisey and Rufus born on the 15 April 2013. If you are looking for a Springer Spaniel with a bit of zip to it check these puppies out. They will be great for that active family that needs a Springer to keep up with them.


Happy Black and White Male Puppy


Fionavar Kennels - Field Bred English Springer Spaniels

We raise, train, hunt and just plain enjoy having fun with Field Bred English Springer Spaniels. Springers are the finest flushing dog to be found, in my humble opinion but most of all they are the best companion that an active family or individual can treasure. Springers are among the most versatile of hunting dogs fully capable of retrieving a shoot of ducks and geese as well as any type of upland game be it, pheasant, partridge, grouse, quail, woodcock or rabbit. Our dogs have gone on to excel in a wide variety of endeavors including detection dogs, explosives and drugs, therapy, companion, agility, obedience and of course hunting. We have started dogs, these guys are at various levels of training and experience. We have started dogs and some super young fellows that just coming into their own.

Your Pages

These are for you to see your Fionavar puppy, started, or trained Springer in action this is your opportunity to show your Spaniel to the world. So we need pictures this being a visual medium, send us you Fionavar Spaniel in action or for that matter at rest is also just fine.

As you can see we are still under construction and really willing to get some constructive help on the site. We can't see everything so please let us know if there are problems we appreciate your comments.

Kennel Pages

We have added new pages and updated others

Quick Bits

Fionavar's JBird is bred to Fionavar's Greenan this should be a natural for the agility world as both of these guys have lots of drive and a real will to work as a team.

We looking very forward to the Tippy & Yanick litter two very, very nice Springers with huge drive and ability these puppies should be just incredible family companions.

If you are looking for that young Springer Spaniel but can forgo the puppy trials, then take a look at some of our fine young adults that are available. They are all crate trained and have obedience training, field training and a bit of history behind them.